RIYUE HEAVY INDUSTRY CORPORATION.LTD is a share-issuing & to be listed private enterprise, a national high-tech enterprise specialized in the foundry R&D, casting manufacture, marketing and customer service. The prototype of Riyue Heavy Industry Corporation. Ltd was founded in the year of 1984, through heaps of times of recombination and restructuring, scientific mechanism and system have been built in our company. Our dominant products are large and extra large heavy duty equipment castings. Now we are in our rapid development period and have been one of the greatest casting enterprises with advanced equipment, powerful technology, multi-variety and batch manufacturing mode. we specialized in the manufacturing of “Heavy section ductile iron castings” and we have obtained the leader position in the aspect of the foundry industry.

Riyue Heavy Industry Corporation. Ltd located in Nancun village Dongwu town Yinzhou district Ningbo, Zhejiang province, covers an area of 450mu, building area 220mu.We have got two manufacture bases (Yinzhou District Ningbo and Xiangshan County), total amount of employees has been over 1500. 20% staffs are scientific and technical personnel. 15 of them have achieved senior professional titles and 36 staffs have achieved intermediate professional titles. Cooperated with some famous universities such as Tsinghua and Hunan university, Riyue Heavy Industry Corporation. Ltd has built provincial level enterprise engineering and technology center and retained Sun Guoxiong--- the professor of southeast university as the director of our technical center.

We have got advanced resin sand foundry product line, equipped with copulas, induction furnaces, melting facilities, large shot blasting machine, heat treatment furnaces and post treatment process equipments as well as high end examination instruments and facilities like Germany imported direct-reading spectrometer, infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer, mechanical property testing machine, large horizontal metallographic microscope, ultrasonic flaw detector etc. The company foundry technology center was accredited as provincial enterprise technical center in Zhejiang province, the heavy section ductile iron plastic injection molding machine platen casting developed by our company was listed in national torch plan and the corporation was recognized as national high and new technology enterprise in 2003.

The main products of our company are great windpower turbine generator, heavy diesel engine, large plastic injection molding
machine, large machining center and giant mining machine series of  castings. RIYUE HEAVY INDUSTRY CORPORATION.LTD have the annual production capability of 200,000 metric tons; most are spheroidal graphite iron castings and grey iron castings. spheroidal graphite iron grades like: QT7400-18, QT7800-2, QT600-3, QT450-40, QT500-7, and QT350-20, Grey iron grades are HT200 and HT300. The maximum thickness of castings we manufactured is 1200mm and maximum weight is 160 metric tons for one casting.


The subsidiary corporation of Riyue Heavy Industry Corporation. Ltd ---Ningbo Rixing Foundry is a professional foundry enterprise founded at Huangbi’ao Township Xiangshan County Ningbo. The detailed location of Rixing foundry is Xiangshan Lingang industrial zone ---near the first exit of Great Xiangshan Harbor Bridge which is the connection line of Tongsan high way. the position is very prominent.

Riyue Heavy Industry Corporation. Ltd plans to invest for construction in three phases with a total investment of 700 million Yuan, First phase construction investment of 200 million Yuan has been basically completed. the factory covers an area of nearly 200 mu, total building area reached 46900 square meters, the company formally put into production in the second half of 2008, relying on the great advantage of the group, the first class professional foundry has been gradually formed, the staple products are large wind-power generators, machining center and machine tools, giant mining machine, diesel engine and other series of castings.


Riyue Heavy Industry Corporation. Ltd started the castings mass production of diesel engine series with less than 3500KW nominal power. the specified products are diesel engine body, diesel engine frame, crankshaft, piston, cylinder head and cylinder liner etc. Started the production of V type diesel engine castings for foreign customers from the year of 2001, such as the KU30A,KU30B 18 cylinders diesel engine for Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, the maximum power is 8000KW,the unit weight of engine body is as heavy as 39.6 tons, These diesel engines have been put into mass production. The supply of such products can not only meet the needs of domestic market, but also be sold to multiple countries and regions like America, Japan, Germany, Denmark, Span, India, Korea, and Taiwan etc. Sales volume was over 1.35 billion and brings economic profits and tax of 200 million Yuan in 2011.

Riyue Heavy Industry Corporation. Ltd passed the ISO9001 certification issued by China Classification Society (CCS) in 1998, passed marine castings manufacture factory certification issued by CCS shanghai agency in the February of 1999, passed ISO9000-2000 system certification in the year of 2003; earned the title of “Ningbo’s first batch of demonstrative clean production unit” in 2005 and was listed in the “Ningbo safe production standardization enterprises” in the year of 2006.passed BV factory certification in the May of 2007; was evaluated as the advanced collective in the machinery industry of China and passed the safe production national standard level two in machinery industry in 2008. Furthermore, our company passed the quality system certification GB/T19001-2008, environmental system certification GB/T24001-2004 and occupational safety and health certification GB/T28001-2011 in the June of 2012. Obtained the honorable title of national demonstrative enterprise on green foundry in the same year, virtually we are the first private joint-stock venture achieved this honor.  Riyue Heavy Industry Corporation. Ltd got the qualification of safe production national standard level one in machinery industry as well in 2012. Moreover, our company was accredited as the national comprehensive enterprise top 100 in foundry industry in 2010, Ningbo advanced collective of safe production in 2011, Ningbo advanced enterprise of energy saving and emission reduction , advanced collective of red cross work etc.


Our company pays as much attention to the social benefit as the economic benefit, take the route of sustainable development unshakably, prevent the environmental pollution depending on the progress of science and technology, and carry out the clean production. Not only achieved the production sustained, rapid and sound development, but also achieved the great improvement of industrial waste water treatment rate, exhaust gas purification rate and solid waste integrated resources utilization rate at the same time, and remarkable result has been achieved for the environment protection work. We insisted in the guide line of “Safety comes first, give priority to prevention, perform the management comprehensively, implemented all levels of safe production responsibility system. Achieved safety target management, executed the “three synchronization system” seriously, improved the essential security degree, made the accident incidence decreased year by year and put an end to the occupational disease completely. Implemented the achievement of no death, no severe injury, no occupational disease and no severe accident happened. If we calculate for every accidents whatever caused more than 1 Yuan medical expense, then 437 accidents happened in 2005 and the number came to 75 in 2011, very obvious descending tendency ,we fend to keep the total accidents number under 60 at the end of 2012.


Riyue Heavy Industry Corporation. Ltd have passed the appraisal of the safe production national standard level one in machinery industry in 2012.


We stick to the tenet of “create the safe production national standard level one enterprise, make further effort to improve the management system, standardize the management process, clarify the management responsibility, tamp the management base, establish the long term mechanism, promote the elevation of equipment management, production management, quality management, on the spot management in all dimensions, to create a safe, environmental and healthy working environment for the staff”, fully organized and carried out the activity of creating the safe production national standard level one enterprise. According to incomplete statistics, till the June of 2012, during the course of expert consulting, on-spot appraisal and Self-examination and rectification, our company has invested more than three million Yuan in total to govern and rectificate kinds of latent danger and hazardous factors; not only briefly completed the 333 rectification programs presented during the twice on-spot consulting by China machinery industry association of safety and health panel, but also draw inferences to investigate the lament danger and look for the deficiency ourselves , completed another 302 rectification programs.


 Riyue heavy industry will continue to carry out works complying with the following objectives:


Company Vision: Build the globally famous heavy industry enterprise of high technology, low carbon and harmony.


Company Mission: Become the strategic partner of heavy equipments manufacturers; be critically contributive to the upgrading of heavy equipments manufacturing industry.


Core Value: Health, Loyalty, Creativity and Quality   


Employee Conception: Cooperate to build a scenic garden-like company, make every staff part of the company beauty.

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